Why GRU?

It is very expensive to build a parallel system to deliver services to your home. In our case, since Cox delivers services to most of the residents of our community already, it would be economically too risky to build a parallel system without knowing how many people would change over to the new service. What we’ve been seeing in this area is that AT&T and others have been selecting areas that they believe they will get enough of a “take rate” that the investment would pay off. This is called “cherry picking” and it generally favors neighborhoods that are newer or more affluent. This is by far not a good long term solution for our residents.

GRU though is already in an excellent position to begin offering residential service because it already has an infrastructure for delivering these services for commercial properties and has access to a lot of fiber optic cable that has been buried through the years for this type of growth. This is a great head start and since it is municipally owned, they will have the resources and mandate to ensure that all residents will have these services available eventually. It may though be most practical for GRU to also use this “cherry picking” approach for the early parts of the project to minimize risk while the services grow but we (the people) will make sure that they follow through and finish the project.

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