Gainesville Internet Action Group


Welcome to our group, we would like to improve internet service options in Gainesville and the surrounding areas. We feel that having a truly competitive environment for internet service in this area would help the community in many ways. Not having access to highspeed internet or not being able to afford it is hurting many residents and the pain level went up considerably when Covid-19 hit us last year. Our internet needs increased dramatically with distance learning and endless Zoom calls.

In fact, our need for internet services has risen from a “nice to have” service to a “must have” service and brings into question as to whether or not it should be considered a public utility and regulated in such a manner. This isn’t the current goal of this group. The only goal at the moment is to generate enough interest and momentum to encourage the Gainesville City Commission to commit to having enter the residential service market.

There are many ways that this can be done and they are all worth researching and discussing. I will put material on this site so that you can get a better idea of what options are available and what other municipalities are doing. Also, since we are advocating GRU offering this service, we must also look at the state of GRU, their rates and services and try to encourage the Gainesville City Commission to put GRU back into the respected utility it was for so long.